Orgaworld Canada Worldwide


Orgaworld Canada LTD is part of Shanks Group plc.,, Europe’s largest listed independent waste management company. With operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Canada, Shanks provides sustainable waste and environmental solutions. Shanks Group plc. owns and operates more than 100 facilities and employs over 3,000 people.

With over 75 years of experience in the field, Shanks companies are always innovating. We care about our environment and take pride in creating best practice solutions for converting waste into resources.

Orgaworld designs, builds, owns and operates all of its facilities. A team of experienced engineers work together to monitor and improve existing facilities and to design and build new facilities. Combined, Shanks and Orgaworld possess unique expertise when it comes to organic waste treatment. 

Orgaworld activities 
Orgaworld LTD. currently owns and operates five facilities in the Netherlands and a sixth site is under construction. All facilities feature composting and anaerobic digestion. When our sixth site is complete, Orgaworld Netherlands will process almost 400,000 tonnes of organic waste and 300,000 tonnes of waste water annually.

In the United Kingdom, Shanks Orgaworld is designing facilities with the help of the Dutch experts.

Orgaworld Canada’s strategy is to export its proven technologies and processes to new communities around the world. Canada is an interesting market because of the waste diversion programs being implemented recently.