Orgaworld Canada

Orgaworld Canada is an innovative and fast-growing organic waste treatment company. We process organic waste into energy, fuel and agricultural products.

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Orgaworld efficiently converts waste materials into products that are environmentally sound and economically viable. Our proven technologies are an integral part of a sustainable future.


Orgaworld’s conversion technologies result in sustainable CO2 reductions and contribute to a better environment. Our process creates rich compost that gives back to nature: It enhances carbon fixation in agricultural soil and is an environmentally sound alternative to chemical fertilizers. Our process also uses waste to create energy, instead of using valuable resources. In the journey from your kitchen table to our facility and finally to the farmer’s field, these benefits all go back to the community.

Proven Technologies

Our leading edge technologies have made Orgaworld LTD. one of the most experienced organic waste processing companies in the world. We believe that our technologies can make a difference and contribute to a better environment. We continually invest in research and development, seeking to innovate the next breakthrough in sustainable organic waste technology.